Clay Chimineas

Why buy a clay Chiminea?

When I saw a chiminea for the first time in the late 90’s at a local home and garden show I thought it was one of the weirdest things I had ever seen! I wondered who would purchase this clay pot? Why would anyone want or need one of these things? Two months later I was selling clay chimineas at my stores.

As soon as we had our first load of around 25 chimineas I took one home. I put sand in the bottom and a couple of bricks on the sand. I chopped up some firewood and got the fire going. My wife and I sat around the chiminea for an hour or so and we agreed that it was AWESOME! Apparently many other people thought the same ways as we couldn’t keep them in stock.

The chiminea you see at the top of this page and throughout our website is mine. I took the chiminea picture sometime around July of last year. I have had it for OVER 15 years. Here it is now (February 2nd 2017):

Clay Chiminea outdoors winter


There is a misconception about clay chimineas. Many believe that they only last for a short period of time or that they easily crack. This was definitely the case with the box store chimineas back in the hay day. The manufacturers couldn’t make enough chimineas fast enough! The manufacturers were scrambling to complete orders to meet their quota. They used more aggregate and less clay. Many didn’t burn in the kiln long enough. The chimineas were boxed/palletized and shipped to the distribution center then shipped to the local warehouses then shipped to the area stores where they were sold to consumers with little or no information on how to use and care for their new chiminea.

We also sell cast iron chimineas. I had a cast iron chiminea. I enjoyed it for a while and gave it to a friend. I probably shouldn’t say this but I like my clay chiminea better! Here are a few reasons why:

  • It just looks nicer. More authentic.
  • The clay doesn’t get ridiculously hot.
  • There is NO ASSEMBLY! Believe me I have assembled TONS of cast iron chimineas.
  • They are hand made and come in a variety of colors and shapes. No two chimineas are the same.

Whether you opt for a clay chiminea, a cast iron chiminea, an aluminum chiminea, fire pit or just a circle of rocks hanging out with friends by a fire is time well spent!